Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Om nom nom monster

mari makan bersama budak tecikkkkk!

60 ml chicken porridge + 30 ml apricot puree

om nom nom

omnomnom monsterrrrrrr

beriye-iye minum air from sippy cup. padehal takde air pon. wat syarat je nak bagi 
beliau duk senyap2 dlm carseat tuh.hewhewhew

licin habaq hang! burrrpppp Alhamdulillah =)

muke kenyanggggg. heheheh

till we meet again.

Resepi Bubur Ayam (Weaning)

today imma gonna share bout U's favorite food. 
From my previous post (bajet ade org bace je), I did mention bout homemade chicken porridge.
yummeh. here goes the recipe.

* 1/2 cup of rice + previously boiled water
* a small slice of chicken breast
* chopped carrot, potato, spinach

firstly, cook the rice together with the sliced chicken breast.
*macam tak nampak je isi ayam kat dalam nih. tapi ade ok*

masak banyak pon takpe, mak baby boleh makan.

next, i steamed all the vege except bayam. bayam kan lembut dik non, kang layu takbagus kan? 
after turn-off the flame, baru laa letak bayam. paham ke tak paham nih? heee
jgn stress pulak kalau takde steamer, rebus pon boleh tapi nutrient hilang sket laa compare to steam.

 brocoli untuk mommy jugak sebab umar tak suka.

then, blend sume skali macam nih.
pastu amek sudu rase siket, yum yum yum . *nih tak wajib ye*
taboleh tahan sebab nmpak sodap. rase lemak berkrim,bau cam nasik ayam.ehh

after that boleh kasik baby makan/ simpan macam nih
Beaba Multi-Portion
Beaba Multi-Portion
Beaba Multi-Portion
tutup and masuk freezer. siappppppp!

boleh laa budak nih ngapp japlagi
teruk betul dah lapornye.

[REVIEW] Beaba Multi-Portions

**ok, stress dengan new blogger interface nih. argghhhh. kami tak suka pembaharuan!**

Salam all. today imma gonna review on my latest favorite baby's stuff (mom's stuff actually),
Beaba Multi-Portions baby's food storange.

 and mine of course the purple one. always be my fav. hiks.
this storage is really good and worth to buy.
i got this one from e-bay at GBP 10 (RM 50). I know it's a bit expensive but trust me it really helps u
esp when u have to make a batch of baby's food in one time.
*kalu kat Malaysia, RM 90++ * berpeluh gak tuh

*The Multiportions are made of seven individual portions of ¼ cup (60 ml) each. perfect amount for Umar for the time being.
*These lightweight storage containers are freezer, microwave and dishwasher safe
*And, they're made of silicone, so they are BPA free.yeayyy!
* Easy to pop-out the frozen food (coz they're made of silicone)
* Clear lid to cover the food. to avoid bad odor from other stuff in freezer

what u have to do is cook the yummiest food/puree for your little one,
pour into Beaba Multi-portions food storage, cover with lid, keep in the freezer.

and when you need to wean your baby , simply take out the cover lid and pop the food out
like this

oooowhhh. so easyyyyyyyyyy. i know!
*pic credit to google*

and this is mine with Umar's new favorite food.

 ok, see u in the next post. toodaloo

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Umar's first solid food!

I was told ,by (reading lotsa internet articles, midwife advises, books etc)  that the recommended weaning time for our lil one is 6 months. But they also tell me  that there are some SIGNS that all mommies should aware, if the baby is ready to be fed. i mean the actual food.

mari kite semak satu-satu ye kawan-kawan.

Sign  #1 : The baby can hold his head up himself. His neck control is up to par for a 5 and a half month old baby.  – PASSED!

Sign  #2 : He can sit well when supported. That means his back bone is getting stronger. Not all baby can sit on their own at this age but as long as he can sit with support, that will do. Baby has to be in upright position to allow them to take the food – Umar did it in his early 5th month, ok definately PASSED!

Sign  #3 : Good weight gain.  In general, baby has to double up their birth weight by the age of 6 month. Umar  PASSSED with flying colors!yippee!

Sign  #4 : Knows how to chew!! all mommies do notice when babies were younger, they have spontaneous reflex to take their tongue out when they are hungry? That reflex is for baby to tell us that they are hungry. As they grow older, around 4 -5 month, slowly the reflex will disappear to allow baby to learn how to chew- DONE!

Sign  #5 : Sucking their hands or putting other objects in their mouth.
Umar ni kalau bagi buaya sekor pon dia gigit nih. hehe INI SUDAH BAGUS!

Sign  #6 : Watching you eat and becoming more interested in your food. 
everytime Ummi and Abi eat, he will make us feel guilty for not giving him some. and sometimes sampai ngamuk2 nak makan!- definately YES

OK,enuff said. so at the age of 5m2w, Ummi and abie wat keputusan nak kasik Umar mamam!
tentulah Umar-lah budak paling bahagia saat ini. hehehe

#1 -So, as a first trial we gave him Farley Rusk biscuits + BM ( Breast Milk)
dan hasilnya, Umar bluekk! -reason xtaw! pelik anak aku nih,sedap kot biscuit tuh. 

#2- ok, we must not give up! then, CPM try wat blended bubur nasik kosong + BM. Bukan tanak kasik fruit puree, coz taknak develop sweet tooth,kang takpasal tanak makan nasik pulak kan payah.terus jadi anak mat saleh,aku gak yg pening! hehehe, and result, Umar makan dengan jayanya. yeayyy for me!

#3-Now, sudah semakin maju. Blended  bubur nasik+carrot+potato+BM.  

he likes it so much!

#4- Improved formula, Blended  bubur nasik+sweet potato+BM. 

menjilat sudu uolsss,hehehhe

#5- Blended bubur nasik+potato+carrot+spinach+chicken+ BM
ooh menjilat sudu dan minta tambah uolssss!

#6- Ini yg latest, we give him fruit puree brand Cow&Gate. Sedap sangat!kadang2 ummi dier pon makan sekali.upsss! heheheh. bagus untuk penghadamann bak kate abie. yelaa duk obersea,tak makan buah rugilaa kan.ade 2 jenis.

yang ni Umar suke sangat uolss rase dier masam2 manis!

yang ini belom try lagi. esok baru nak bagi. hehehe i'll update it later.

meh kite tengok siket muka budak belajar makan!

I'm the happiest baby in the whole wide world!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

[video] Umar wanna eat grapes!

salam all.
lame dah tak wat video update bout my
soon-to-be six months old handsome boy.
hehehe .

ps/dun worry umar tak makan pon grapes tuh.Abie bagi je dier rase sket
sebab Umar ngamuk tgk Ummi ngn abie makan .