Saturday, October 20, 2012

[REVIEW] BOON Baby Dispensing Spoon

Jawab salam dulu ye all mommies.
hee, today Ummi Umar nak review on my latest fav baby stuff

 well, CPM beli nih kat Ebay laa macam biasa but kali nih tru bidding system.
kalau ikut pasaran harga spoon nih dalam £10 = RM50 laa lebih kurang.
but rezeki Umar, bidding dapat £1 jerr campur postage cost £2.99.
see, postage cost lagi mahal dari spoon. hahaha so total £3.99 jer = RM19+

Ok, mari kita tengok / review spoon nih ye kawan2. 
mari same2 unboxing Boon Baby Spoon nih.

Saiz baby spoon compare to my hand. just nice kan?

Bahagian spoon yg boleh dibuka untuk isi makanan yang sedap.

Lubang untuk makanan keluar bile bahagian utama spoon dipicit.
paham ke tak paham nih?! huu

haa.disebabkan baby spoon nih diperbuat dari silicon,
maka ia sangat lembut dipicit.yeayyyyyyy :))

 ade spoon cap. just tutup guna cap klu dah habis makan.


actually,  Sebelum nih Umar pakai this one product from China.
Pigeon dispensing bottle.
Lebih kurang same, but this bottle is quite hard to handle.
- bahagian botol yg sedikit keras untuk dipicit.
-bahagian sudu harus dipasang manual bila nak bagi makan baby. sebab takde spoon cap.
so klu nak simpan makanan, kene alih spoon tu masuk dalam botol.
(mesti korang tak paham, xpelah... hehehek)


ok, nih gambar Boon Spoon with makanan Umar.
rice+sweet potato.yummehhhh!

just squeez the body part. so, it dispenses about 2.5 ml of food each time.
total makanan boleh simpan dlam baby spoon nih 3oz = 90ml. heee :)

apolagi, mamam laaaaaaa :)

heee best kan spoon nih?
kan kan kan?

Kalau best komen kat bawah taw.
sape2 berminat nak cari spoon nih or lebih kurang camnih?
nanti boleh i bg link.


Thursday, October 4, 2012

[REVIEW] Boots FREE Changing Bag


hehehe! esaited x ?! tadaaaaa

ok first of all lemme introduce you the bag itself, comes together with the model!
ok,model tu anak i.kikikiki.
see how he promotes the bag?!sooooo impressive. bagus anak ummi.

Well actually i got this bag from the BOOTS PARENTING CLUB (which I accidentally visit the website) lucky huh?! So from the website stated that all the registered members of boots parenting club will be given a coupon for a free Parenting club changing bag worth GBP 30 (about RM 150). So, i try my luck by completing the online form. Then go through saveral emails....and

oowhhhh I'm glad that emails that i received were not scam after i got my free coupon in my hand !hahaha

*The changing bag basically comes with the PAMPERS changing mat(as u can see in the upper right pix). It's pretty big but can be folded and keep in one of the compartment inside the bag.
* one big compartment with zipper and 3 small compartments w/o zipper
*one compartment made of thermos layer to keep the warm temp of baby's milk

* 2 large compartments at the front sealed by vacro
*one big compartment at the back

* adjustable shoulder strap.
* the actual size of changing mat (model xnk duk diam)

reasons why I like the changing bag so much,

*the main color which is black with grey stripes make it look elegant and 
daddy can carry it as well.heheh
* not so bulky
*lotsa compartments
* fit nicely into the stroller bucket..yeay!
*well, because IT'S FREE!

ok, to all mommies in UK.. u can also get this Changing bag for free
by joining the BOOTS parenting club. just fill in the form and wait for the coupon to reach ur doorsteP