Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Umar Al-Khalili turns 2!

Dearest Umar,

It feels like just yesterday that I gave birth and held u in my arm , but time really goes by fast when we’re already celebrating your second birthday.

Umar, you are such a sweet child. You spread love and joy where ever you go. You enrich my life with all the hugs and kisses I receive from you, all the cuddles and snuggles makes my life just perfect. Not a day goes by that I don’t feel lucky, lucky to be your mom, lucky to have your baba by my side, lucky that Allah gave us this most perfect gift two years ago.

When we went for 16 week scan when I was pregnant with you, the doctor told us that you were really very busy in the womb, you must be a boy, and that’s the way you still are – a really energetic, busy little boy. You definitely keep me and your baba on our toes, that’s for sure! But that’s who you are, you wouldn’t be you if you were a quiet, sit still in one place type of boy – you want to be out there and explore as much you can. Haha like i always said "seminit pon xgheti diam". Hahaha

Every day , we're amazed at how clever you are. When baba got you a tablet , you immediately figured out how it works, switching apps like a pro and surprising us by playing difficult memory games and succeeding, clapping your little hands when we said "good boy!" Or "pandai!". You started reconizing alphabets and numbers, making animal sounds and there’s so many new things every single day.

Btw sayang, you gonna be a big bro soon (read: in ten days time-more or less). Haha and i think this is a perfect gift for you. Yeayyy Umar dah ade kawan!!

Happy birthday sayang.
We love you.