Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Zulhilmi Mustafa jugaaaa..

reasons why i love my darling hubby,

he's my bestfriend ever
he always be by my side everytime and everywhere
he's a good companion
he's a truly gift from Allah to me
i'm happy when he's around
the one i always dream of
the way he speaks
the way he laughs and smiles
he's huggable!
he's a good listener
he's cool man!
he respects himself and everyone around him
funny and talented!
he loves me the way i am
he has a very forgiving heart.thanks dear.
he's a wonderful teacher to me
a bold security guard
a good doctor
he's a good driver
a good cook too.yummeh!
he always put loads of effort to make me happy and smile
he's full of surprise
he's a genius
he always puts me before himself
he's a good son, brother, friend and lovely husband
he knows how to overcome my roller-coaster emotion
i never tired of his jokes
love to be his model. he's a talented photographer i can say!
love the way he speaks his mind out
the way he sleeps makes me smile.cute meh!
acting romantic sumtimes
the way he call me
the way he answers my call
his 'merajuk' face is damn cute..haha
he's a computer genius!
he respects himself
he never gives up on me
he holds the key to my heart!
he is an unbelievable lover!
he inspires me in every way
love the way he talks about our past memories
he still love me ,even when i am grumpy
he isn't afraid to tell me his feelings

last but not least,

i wanna spend all my lifetime loving you! only you.



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