Tuesday, December 27, 2011

a book to remember

today, lot of things to story. Almaklumlah suda mau bergelar ibu muda nih. hehe 
happy taw dak.tak taw nak ceghita dah.
well actually, baru balik dari klinik. Seperti biasa mahu melihat perkembangan boboy
di dalam sana. uhuhuhu. Other than dat, mahu mengambil refferal letters untuk fly!
as for MAS company, expected mom still can travel before 35th weeks but, shud have reccomended letter letter from the doctor. And the doctor said, 
"this expected mom is fit enuff to travel" 
yippeee yay yay yippee :) 

well, tadi we all (umie, abie and of course the doctor) skodeng2 boboy kat dalam. Alhamdulillah ,everything is going fine and the baby is gud in health. 1.7kg oredi :)
wahhhh. membesar dengan umie nampak gayanya.hehehe..

oh yaa, one more thing.
I've received the book that I ordered last weeks for you, son!
so adorable! I went trough all the pages like more than ten times.hehehe.gedik excited kot!


super duper awesome and cute ok~

I bought this through Milkadeal voucher, with 25% discount. But, I'm not sure whether the deal is still on or not. check it ur self ok!

other features of this gorgeous book are as follows :-
(click the pic for larger image ok)

 when i was in the tummy section :)

 my familly tree section :)

how i got my name & celebrating my arrival section:)

 my first holliday & my first year progress section :)

and a lot more. kiut kan? dah tak sabar dah nak fill in details nih..hehehe
oh yaa. if ade mommy yang nak beli buku nih, xde jual kat bookstore biasa. but u can ask the dealer.

NZT Saujana Enterprise
No. 59, Jalan Tiara 8, Mutiara Bukit Jalil, Bukit Jalil,
Kuala Lumpur 58200

Phone: +603 8071 6129

Baru2 nih, ade gak nampak buku spesies gini kat THE BORDERS QUENSBAY. but, the contents are a bit limited compare to this one. but, ok laa kan dari xde langsung. hehehe 
the title of that book : MY FIRST STEP .( ade gambar baby tido as cover)

eat-a-lot umie in the house!

ok, that's all for now. mahu bersolat isi detail visa online sekejap. 
till we meet again. 


  1. okeh agak dh u r going to buy the book
    btw bila pi uk?

  2. huhu..ohh bleh agak ehh?
    excited sangat.
    insyaAllah on january tenth.


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